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 Mikado Ryūgamine

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Mikado Ryūgamine

Mikado Ryūgamine

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PostSubject: Mikado Ryūgamine   Mikado Ryūgamine Icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2011 6:04 pm

Characters name: Mikado Ryūgamine (Ryugamine, Ryuugamine ~ however you prefer!)

What series are you from?: Durarara!!

Personality section:
Mikado is usually shy and quiet, polite and soft-spoken boy but there are also times where he speaks his mind and can be really stubborn. He can also be quite childish, trustful and naive. Mikado loves excitment and extraordinary stuff and this feature has also led him into trouble.

Roleplay sample:

Blue-eyed boy was on his way to the school and hurried his steps when he felt a few raindrops on his cheek. He hadn't had time to check the forecast before leaving since he had overslept this morning so why would he have taken the umbrella with him? He hoped that the rain wouldn't continue all day, at least not after school. #...Otherwise I suppose I just ask Masaomi-kun to share his umbrella with me. If he even does have one with him. Maybe Sonohara-san has one..? But no, I can't bother her like that--#

While falling into his thoughts Mikado had grabbed his cellphone from his pocket to check if he had got any new text messages. He yawned a little, feeling still sleepy about staying up so late last night because of the chatroom on Dollars site. Maybe he should get some more sleep after school.

Anything else?: English isn't my native language so it's very likely that I'll have many mistakes in my grammar and such. I try my best to avoid them but I still wanted to apologize beforehand. Please bear with me.

MSN account: jonna.thomssen@hotmail.com
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Izaya Orihara
Izaya Orihara

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PostSubject: Re: Mikado Ryūgamine   Mikado Ryūgamine Icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2011 6:50 pm

Accepted and welcome.
Its ok that English is your second language and I'm sure you will be just fine~
Go right ahead and post your intro~
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Mikado Ryūgamine
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