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 Codename: Zack → → → Ryūgamine Mikado

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Mikado Ryūgamine

Mikado Ryūgamine

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PostSubject: Codename: Zack → → → Ryūgamine Mikado   Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:47 pm

A photo of your character:

Name of character: Mikado Ryūgamine

Series you are from: Durarara!!

Online alias: TanakaTaro

Your age: 17

Character's age: 15-16

Personality segment from your application:
Mikado is usually shy and quiet, polite and soft-spoken boy but there are also times where he speaks his mind and can be really stubborn. He can also be quite childish, trustful and naive. Mikado loves excitment and extraordinary stuff and this feature has also led him into trouble.

RPs you would like to do?
I don't really have anything special in my mind at the moment. I'm open for suggestions!
I adore BL-pairings though, so they expecially are always welcome. C:

Things you will not rp:
I'm quite flexible and am usually ready to try almost anything. Just ask me beforehand if you have any suggestions and wishes in mind!~

Anything you would like to say about this forum, or anything you would like to suggest:
Ehh... Once again, I don't have any suggestions....! Good job with creating this forum! It's easy to find everything. :3

Past rps, just so we know if we know you or not:
Hm~? I don't really roleplay on forums, to be honest. Chats, Email, MSN and Skype are the places where you usually find me roleplaying~!!

About yourself:

I'm a highschool student, living in Finland and my native language is Finnish (or actually Swedish due to my papers). Beside those two I speak English and am studying some Spanish and Italian. I wouldn't say I'm able to talk Japanese since my skills in it are quite poor.

My 'hobbies' beside RPing include sleeping, crossplay(/cosplay), games, manga&anime, fangirlboying, laughing, lying, joking, procrastinating, day-dreaming, music and searching for adventures and new memories ( + basically being the typical, ultimate otaku and fujoshi).
...or something like that. I don't really know myself.

Oh, right--!
I'm actually a girl but I'm often mistaken into a boy IRL too. I don't really mind since I'm quite a tomboy and prefer boyish clothes and appearance more. What I wanted to say was that feel free to refer to me as either 'she' or 'he', which one you ever prefer. I'm used to be both of them. The more possiblities the more fun, right...?

I don't really know what to say or how to descripe myself. My personality and behaviour can change a lot, depending of the person you are asking about me. If there is something you want to know or you would like to talk about, feel free to do so. I'll try my best with answering and chit-chatting...!

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Izaya Orihara
Izaya Orihara

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PostSubject: Re: Codename: Zack → → → Ryūgamine Mikado   Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:31 pm

I hope you enjoy yourself here t your first forum rp! And thank you for joining!
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Mikado Ryūgamine

Mikado Ryūgamine

Posts : 8
Join date : 2011-06-26

PostSubject: Re: Codename: Zack → → → Ryūgamine Mikado   Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:16 am

You are welcome. I'm sure this will be fun.
Thank you for introducing the site to me and letting me join!~☆
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PostSubject: Re: Codename: Zack → → → Ryūgamine Mikado   

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Codename: Zack → → → Ryūgamine Mikado
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