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 Anri Sonohara

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PostSubject: Anri Sonohara   Anri Sonohara Icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 7:16 pm

Characters name: Anri Sonohara

What series are you from?: (baccano or Durarara) Durarara

Personality section: (at least a good solid paragraph in your own words)
Beneath the surface of Anri Sonohara's false smile lies a troubled heart; the world she sees from the lenses of her glasses is a world half empty, a world without love. She had locked such feelings away long ago. Feeling an empty void in her heart, Anri now lives seeing herself as a parasite. Not being able to create such emotions, but at the very least being able to experience them from others.

Roleplay sample: (can be in 1st or 3rd person and at least 1 paragraph)
It was starting to get dark in the city of Ikebukuro, as the sun slowly set in the distant. Anri walked alone through the busy streets, drinking a soft drink from a vending machine, in quiet solace.

As she thought on why she decided to purchase a cherry flavored beverage made with fake sugar, a man roughly pushed passed her, causing said drink to fall to the ground. The cherry fluid left a chillingly resemblance to blood on the ground, as she turned her head to watch the man who bumped into her run off into the distant. A few more men quickly brushed by her, chasing the man who spilled her drink.

Ikebukuro really was a dangerous city. Anri hadn't given such a thought much serious thought, after all she was one of the dangers of the city. The wielder of the cursed blade Saika, an object which cried for blood, and for love.

A small smile appeared on her face, as she decided to continue on her way home. Her mind traced over all the dangers of the city she called her home, and of her friends. Before reaching her destination she changed her mind, deciding she still had things that needed to be done for the sake of the city and her friends.

Taking out her cellphone, Anri hurriedly typed in her password, inputting the required information to enter the ever popular chatroom under her alias of Saika.

"Hi." she quickly typed the words out using the keys of her phone, sending the message through virtual space, waiting for a reply from the fellow users of the chatroom.

Anything else?: I'm a university student, and might become slightly busy when next semester starts, but I'll try my best to keep up if you want me. ^^;

MSN account: GlenBaskerville@hotmail.com
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Ronny Sukiart

Ronny Sukiart

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PostSubject: Re: Anri Sonohara   Anri Sonohara Icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2011 5:27 am

Sorry for the wait there. It looks good! Please, go ahead and post a thread in the introduction section!
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Anri Sonohara
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