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 Ronny Sukiart

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Ronny Sukiart

Ronny Sukiart

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PostSubject: Ronny Sukiart   Ronny Sukiart Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 11:56 am

Characters name: Ronny Sukiart

What series are you from?: Baccano

Personality section: Little is known about Ronny Sukiart, the Martillo's secretary and Maiza's personal confidant. Even Maiza, a centuries old acquaintance, couldn’t tell you Ronny’s favorite movie or color or Ronny’s purpose in staying by him all these years. Whenever Maiza brings up the subject, Ronny always answers, “Curious,” and proceeds to attentively examine the mechanisms of his pocket watch.

Despite Maiza’s ignorance, the answers to the aforementioned anomalies are Duck Soup starring the Marx brothers and gold.

Other than that, Ronny enjoys drinking scotch while reading mystery novels, cigarette smoking, and people watching. Ronny finds people and their interactions fascinating, but he isn’t very sociable. He finds the task of explaining, voicing an opinion, and making small talk exhausting. Hence, he tends to avoid interactions that call for his participation. Don’t get the wrong impression, however. Ronny is an able conversationalist. Before the “incident,” he was a prominent socialite, but perhaps, it’s best not to stray too far from the important matters at present (such as Ronny’s ideal date, favorite dish, boxers or briefs). It should be noted that when Ronny is forced into the throes of his social anathema (teaching), Ronny never becomes frustrated. Instead, he becomes a defeatist, usually ending the conversation with, “Ah, nevermind.”

EDIT: Ronny may find conversations trivial because he can usually sense what someone is thinking. This makes conversations predictable and boring. He has the power to grant people's wildest dreams, but he would never let anyone know about this. If they were to ask for him to do so, he may if he felt like it. If they were to ask and intrigue him, then he would certainly grant their wishes.

One of the main reasons Ronny hates teaching is because it ties him too closely to the student. Ronny will gladly pass on his knowledge, but he will not persuade the recipient on how to use that knowledge. What would be the fun it that?

Despite Ronny's claim to being a mere observer of the immortals, he watches them with some expectation except no one knows what that expectation is.

Since the turn of the century, Ronny has been swept up in the information revolution. A lover of knowledge, Ronny's new habit is perusing the Internet at every available opportunity; he always has a mobile Wi-Fi device at hand and at the ready. The secretarial position these days demands an individual in command of the Internet’s sinuous paths, and Ronny has stepped up as such a commander. He files away electronic reports and types up memos with an unmatched fury. And, yes, even to this day, he maintains his position with Maiza and the Martillo family.

Roleplay sample:
It was at Don Martillo’s daughter’s sweet sixteen party that the rookie was first made aware of the family’s elusive secretary, Ronny Skariat. Having recently arrived at the soirée, the rookie was standing in the doorway, slipping off his jacket, when the most infinitesimal shudder from what he had presumed to be a statue mounted in the corner caught his attention. He threw the figure a quick glance and found it, as before, unmoving. Still, nervous fingers folding in against the suede fabric of his coat, the rookie felt uneasy. To dispel the rest of his doubts, he would look one last time.

This time, the statue looked back.

Ronny, taking up his usual position at social functions against the back wall, watched the anxious guests file through the banquet hall’s enormous mahogany doors. The veteran attendees wore simple yet elegant formal wear and made small talk with the doormen, whereas the newcomers, decked out in gaudy name brands, gaped at the hall’s lavish décor. This was all as usual.

He was staring right at him. The statue was alive and staring right at him, expectantly. The rookie, usually the bold and impulsive type, didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what he wanted him to do. The rookie thought maybe he should wave. He started to raise a shaking hand in Ronny's direction but, quickly shoving his hand back into his pocket, reconsidered at the thought of embarrassing himself in front of one of his superiors. He thought about making a beeline for the living statue to demand to know where he got off scaring people like that!

Before he could attempt any of this, Ronny looked away, finding more interest in the swirling marriage of scotch and melting ice at the bottom of his shot glass.

For a whole minute after the end of their staring contest, the rookie didn’t move. He felt as if he’d gone before St. Peter and been asked to bear his soul. After which, St. Peter had laughed.

Anything else?: Very Happy That was pretty fun to write. I haven't read any of the light novels, so for now, I'm just winging his character. I've actually decided to base his past off of Dr. Faust/Faustus, the literary figure who became dissatisfied with life after learning every subject in the world and made a pact with the devil as a result of his dissatisfaction.

References (just cause I dub these cool):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1ZMCMkxKWY >> Faust (Gounod's opera based on the original by Goethe)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbxQNJqHBb4&feature=related >>Faustus

MSN account: olimille@imail.iu.edu

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PostSubject: Re: Ronny Sukiart   Ronny Sukiart Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 10:06 pm

Love it. He is such a mysterious character, so I approve. I love how he has already canonly seen celty. The novels are such a lovely web of interaction.

Anyway~! welcome aboard. Feel free to post up your Intro!
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Ronny Sukiart
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