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PostSubject: Vorona (APPLICATION)   Vorona (APPLICATION) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2011 6:19 pm

[b]Character's name:[/b] Vorona

[b]What series are you from?:[/b] [i]DURARARA [b]!![/i][/b]

[b]Personality section:[/b] Vorona takes everything seriously, with a barely-changing, stoic expression. She is highly intelligent, processing new information that is presented and almost immediately being able to provide an appropriate response, and is proven to be focused on tasks she is given, a trait manifested best in her obsession with creatures of monstrosity. She is level-headed and practical, and never deviates from what is important at hand.

[b]Roleplay sample:[/b] The man handled roughly by Shizuo-sempai begs for his survival. This is normal sight to see, I understand, in this city, but still many people crowd for curious watching. I wish for all people to scatter, but I remain unspeaking and silent.

Shizuo-sempai is yelling and now the man cries. The people around, some stay and some leave. The man is dropped to the ground and is crying still. Pity, pity. The man tries to speak, makes instead strange sounds. Like a mouse, crushed inside jaws of large cat. Very sad, very sad.

Matter comes to a close when Tom-san speaks to the man again. This time, the man does not argue. Good decision, he makes. Good decision. Shizuo-sempai sighs, big and loud, and standing little ways from the man. The man shakes, he looks very stupid.

Then Shizuo-sempai walks, stops at my table and takes a seat. He says something, “I'm sorry,” and he slumps in the chair.

Tom-san is still speaking, the man is still making good decision. No trouble, no trouble. Everything is good. I turn back, Shizuo-sempai blows smoke. It hits the air and disappears.

“Sorry,” Shizuo-sempai says again.

Tom-san is helping the man up, tells us not to worry. “Sorry about that,” he says, and waves. “Enjoy your day off.”

All the people, walking away from scene of loud disturbance after Tom-san waves. No more disturbance here, please go away. Nothing else here. Then it is quiet again, very peaceful and nice. Few people are here still, but no matter. They were here before, not part of crowd that came. They eat and drink, inside the cafe are more people who eat and drink. Everyone is here for the eating and drinking.

A waiter comes, he puts things down. Two cups of coffee, one black and one colored of caramel. Two plates, one with red cake and one with pink. Waiter goes away, does not speak. Most delightful, now we can partake in this eating and drinking like all the people here.

Shizuo-sempai does not look up. He does not do the eating or drinking.

I pat his hand and receive good response: he looks up.

“We must enjoy day-off before its conclusion. Do you wish to begin?”

He does not speak and is quiet. Most abnormal, this silence is. Most abnormal.

“You're right,” he says. The corners of his lips pick up the gloomy face of which he no longer wears. “Thank you.” He picks up his fork.

“You are most welcome,” I say back, and we do the eating and drinking at the cafe. It is quiet, nobody speaks but it is nice quiet. There is no more loud disturbance or the people that crowd. Only the eating and drinking.

Happy end, happy end.


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PostSubject: Re: Vorona (APPLICATION)   Vorona (APPLICATION) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 8:55 pm

Hello and nice app~!
Perfectly fine to me, go ahead and start Rping. Because everyone is being lazy besides Ronny and I |D
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