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 Emerging Sense of the Heart

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PostSubject: Emerging Sense of the Heart   Emerging Sense of the Heart Icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 7:21 pm

Crowding and tumultuous; that is the state of the city. It is also the current state of my heart.

It is excitement everywhere here, very much like the excitement of my country. But here, in this city, there is also a feeling I am a stranger to. A warm, busy hum, brimming and buzzing inside; such feelings are difficult to grasp. I feel here, completeness and a comfort with no end. Nothing lacking is inside my heart. Despite the many failures to claim victory over the monstrosities of this city, I am... content. Satisfied. Why?

Such ridiculousness, this state is; cumbersome and tiring. I wish to find where these feelings are rooted, but am unable to locate a starting point. I come here, to Sunshine 60, and seek the heights of the observatory room. Perhaps there, I can see the city -- this city, which has become my home -- and in turn, my heart.

I enter the building and stand before the elevator. I watch the blinking countdown on top and wait, the button going up already lit a dull yellow. It is the same dull yellow light as the elevator that takes me to Tom-san's office. This thought shakes me, recalling a name that churns my stomach. And the sudden vibrations as the elevator I am waiting for descends brings a face to my mind's eye. I know what will happen, and I step back to brace myself.

The exploding clank and shattering of metal as the elevator I once stood in front of tumbled down was familiar; many times I see such things, as one does working alongside a monster. But the person that emerged from the elevator was not Heiwajima Shizuo. It was someone else -- a new monster of this city.
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Emerging Sense of the Heart
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