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 Kururi Orihara Application

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PostSubject: Kururi Orihara Application   Kururi Orihara Application Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2012 7:32 am

Characters name:
Kururi Orihara

What series are you from?:

Personality section:
She is the shy and softspoken one out of the Orihara twins. She has been known to kiss her sister to shut her up, and is a huge fan of Yuhei Honijima, AKA Kasuka Heiwajima. She would gladly see her brother die for the chance to meet him. She also wears a gymnastics uniform instead of a school uniform, which is one of the reasons she is bullied. Another reason is that, unlike her sister, she won't fight back.

Roleplay sample:
It was late at night, and she was the only one awake in the room. Her body was tired, but her mind wouldnt let her drift off into blissful sleep. Instead, memories kept running through her head.

One that was particularly prominant was one from when she and her sister were very small, back when they were nearly completely alike and before she became the shy person she was today. In this memory her brother was only in elementary school. Which grade he was in, she couldnt remember. But she remembered his actions and words like it had happened ten minutes ago.

"You two are too boring, too alike. What is the point of having two humans if they are exactly the same? It would be better if you were different." He had stated with a bored face and a yawn, walking away from his stunned sisters. Back then, all she and her sister had wanted was to have the older brother they adored accept them.

So, they decided they would change, if only to win his love. They literally rolled dice to decide on their personalities, and went from there. It was hard at first, but kururi had adapted and began to become the person she decided on, and now she couldnt imagine not being who she was.

By the time they had discovered Yuhei-sama, Kururi had no need for Iza-nii, and she turned along with her sister to idolize this new role model. She couldnt even remember when she forgot about her reason for becoming the person she was now, and didnt care. By the time this thought crossed her mind, she was on her way to dreamland.

Anything else?:
She has been hinted to have a little affection towards Aoba in the light novel for him saving her from bullies and saying she was cuter than them Razz
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Kururi Orihara Application
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