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  Rules and Regulations

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Izaya Orihara
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 Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations    Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeSat Jun 25, 2011 4:51 pm


1. Do NOT start drama in this forum. This forum is made for rp, not for dating, or fighting. If you have ban issue with another member, do NOT involve other members. Keep it between you, them, and/or an admin if you can not deal with the issues yourselves. This is a drama free forum... unless it's in rp. Which brings us to our second rule.

2. Do not mix OOC with IC. If you hate someone out of character, do not bash them in character, and if you hate someone in-character, do not bash them in real life. This is very important.

3. This is a mature forum. It is ages 16+. Although its mature please mark any RPs that are at all sexual or rather violent. Since this is a RP based of Baccano and Durarara this should be obvious.

4. Use correct grammar and punctuation in your forum posts.

5. Please be active in this forum. We understand that real life is more important than roleplaying, but your account WILL be deleted if you character sit.

6. Use brackets if you are going to break character, unless you are in the OOC section.

7. Roleplay in paragraph form in threads.

8. I know when dealing with immortals(and Shizuo) its hard not to god mod but please try and make it realistic to the anime/novel.

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Rules and Regulations
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