A mixed RP group for Durarara!! And Bacanno!
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PostSubject: About this Forum (please read)   About this Forum (please read) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 25, 2011 4:56 pm

This is a mixed RP group for Durarara!! And Bacanno!
Both of these stories are by the same Author Ryohgo Narita and are canonly already set in the same universe. Although these stories are both set in different times, a lot of the main characters of Bacanno! Are immortals and therefore living on to be around in the 2000’s when Durarara!

This RP is set in Modern Japan after the storyline of the anime. (although you may use any of the events in the light novel for your Rps)

The city of Ikebukuro has started to calm from the Gang wars a few months ago between The Blue Squares, The Yellow scarves, The Dollars and the other inhabitants of the city. But people will always find something to talk about. This time it’s the rumours about people that just won’t stay dead.
It has taken many years but the elixir of life has managed to be recreated by a certain pharmaceutical company…. Of course the rumours have spread far enough via the online community to the immortal community.. and its not something they are going to let slide.

In this Rp we will be including the cast of Durarara! Along with the Immortals from Bacanno! And I as Izaya, will be setting it all in motion. But don’t worry~! This is Just the basic idea for this Rp, your very welcome and encouraged to run with this however you like.

You are welcome to do Rps set during the storyline of Durarara or in the past. Just make it obvious from your post that it in the past so not to confuse others.

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About this Forum (please read)
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