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 Izaya Orihara; Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Info broker

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Izaya Orihara
Izaya Orihara

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Izaya Orihara; Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Info broker Empty
PostSubject: Izaya Orihara; Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Info broker   Izaya Orihara; Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Info broker Icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2011 9:09 am

Now your accepted post a little about yourself, include your Personality segment from your application.

A photo of your character:Izaya Orihara; Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Info broker Izaya

Name of character: Izaya Orihara

Series you are from:

Online alias(if applicable): Kanra and Nakura

Your age:21

Characters age:

Personality segment from your application: Izaya is a info broker who sells information for his own entertainment as he likes to observe what others will do in different situations often putting them though terrible circumstances in the process. He finds predictable people boring but he also gets annoyed when people are highly unpredictable with no thought behind their actions. To him, right and wrong is just perspective. He says he loves all humans, but when he says that he means that he loves watching them interact, no species on Earth is more interesting. It is best that he does not find you interesting.. otherwise you will have to worry about him messing with your life.

He is skilled at parkour and has very high reflexes which he has developed a lot from fighting with Shizu-chan. He is also quite skilled with his flick blade and he always keeps at least a few concealed on his person. He sees Shizuo as a mix between annoying and fun to annoy.

He is not exactly a liar, he just tends to tell half truths or say things out of context in order to provoke a reaction much to his amusement. He will often back people into a corner and if you are silly enough to trust that he is on your side then you are just asking for trouble. If you analyze his talks with a cool head, they probably won't be enough to take you in…….but he'll always make sure to arrive on the scene at the best time and say the worst possible thing into your ear, so that you can't help but be unnerved.

He dislikes mundane and uninspired things. He tends to stay clear of the mass produced things of the world such as food. If he does not like something he finds it strange if anyone could be so bland to think otherwise.

Rps you would like to do?: Ah~ so many, That's why I set up this forum in the first place. Besides what I said in 'About this forum' I would love to do Rps with pretty much all the characters. I find Izaya is fun to have interact with anyone.

Things you will not rp: As long as you run it by me I am usually fine with rping most things. Just make sure to ask me first if its something a little out of the ordinary.

Anything you would like to say about this forum, or anything you would like to suggest: I suggest you tell your friends about this place~!

Past rps, just so we know if we know you or not:
Prussia-The worlds collide (hetalia)
Prussia-The world belongs to us (hetalia)
U-1224(Ulrich Meerwolf)-The Midnight Navy ( Japanisches Kaiserreich Mitternacht Marine )

About yourself
: I am from Australia. I cosplay. I read manga and watch anime. I am a qualified Vet nurse. I love writing and Rping. I hope to travel a lot in the future.
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Izaya Orihara; Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Info broker
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